Ice Breaker – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ice Breaker – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

(Does not need to be farm related, could be personal goals, as well!)

Hello Sticker Swappers!

A lot can happen in 5 years, right?! For us, our journey and goals are constantly changing, as we pivot when needed to or charge full steam ahead. But, I’d like to hope that we are in the direction of being more self-sustaining. We are starting our off-grid garlic farm and will be selling next year in 2022. We are almost to the point of where we will have running water! We would eventually like to build our own small home. We would like to grow fruits and vegetables, as well as, having some chickens, goats, cows, and pigs! 🙂 We are building this farm to accomplish personal goals that we have for being completely off-grid, being able to run a successful garlic business while making new meaningful connections, and building a home for us to retire at, and a place for our kids to want to visit as they get older, along with their kids, and their kids.

We are excited to see what the future holds for us! Thank you all for joining us on this journey. We love learning about all of our farms and seeing what you all are doing. It’s such a wonderful, supportive community! Thanks for connecting with us!

I look forward to hearing about your goals, as well!

-Molly – Jupiter Moon Acres

16 thoughts on “Ice Breaker – Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

  • Farm-related I would love to potentially be able to sell some veggies, and/or composting worms once I get my own worm population up! My sister and I have loosely spoken about buying or renting a little bit of land to extend our growing space, but she is also currently a school psychologist and one of her dreams is to start garden therapy. My idea would be that we both rent/buy the land together and she can have her garden therapy program and I can just help out with the gardening part and maintain it, while growing more of what I want. Outside of gardening, it’s really hard to think about other goals because what I want in life has changed and most of it is around this lifestyle. I am also working on building my own catnip brand and getting an e-commerce site for that going, so that is definitely another goal that I hope to have ready by the end of this year! Although I can be a bit camera shy, I may also start my own gardening YouTube channel, but I’ll have to gain a bit more experience first so there is some trust in what content I am putting out there!

    • That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing! That would be so neat for you both to rent/buy land together. That sounds like a perfect fit for both of you. Perhaps if you can buy something small when/if prices drop a little? Look forward to seeing your YouTube channel and your catnip brand, as well!

  • Thoroughly and deeply entrenched in the next phase. We’ll be on a few hundred acres, with some cows and piggies grown for food, more Clydesdales, an up and coming Doberman breeding program, a huge vegetable patch with a shed just to do food prep, a full on soaping studio and inside studio for editing videos, doing social media management and if I can get my coaching business off the ground, have virtual coaching sessions…a huge arena and trail riding route so I can ride around my farm, hundreds of chickens in chicken trailers to sell eggs on my online store….expanding the online soap store to be online farm stuff produced from the farm, where people can buy market garden vegetables that are seasonal, soaps, smoked meats and half shares in cows or pigs raised organically…..just, yeh. I have this whole vision and ecosystem and in 5 years it will be so sustainable and flourishing we’ll need to hire employees!

    • Oh, my! Can I come as a seasonal employee and I’ll volunteer my help!? I have really enjoyed chatting with you thus far and getting to learn more about you and your goals! Can’t wait to watch you all on this journey. How fun!

  • Five years really isn’t that much time, a lot can happen, but it can also fly by in the blink of an eye. My goal is to increase my Herb garden for making and selling natural herbal remedies, we’ve started growing mushrooms for profit, but the morels and lions head can take a little while to grow before they’re profitable. I’m also increasing my rabbit colony for our own meat supply and selling some of the buns and their poop! I’m keeping my dreams small and attainable! Plans have a tendency to change. We have many bigger dreams, but one thing at a time!

    • Right?! 5 years always sounds so far away, but yet it’ll be here in the blink of an eye. Totally agree on that; keeping dreams small and attainable, but also having “bigger” dreams, too. One step at a time! As long as we keep moving in that direction is all we can do and we will get somewhere eventually. I’ve been seeing some really neat mushrooms lately in my feed; they look so neat. Definitely sounds like things are moving along for you; very exciting!

  • In 5 years I hope to still be working my corporate job, hopefully making it into the management ranks.

    I also hope to have my small farm operating at a small profit. 5 year goals (that wont change if we stay here or move to Maine) include getting Alpacas, breeding poodles and expanding the garden to a point that I can have a stand at the farmer’s market. I also hope to make microgreens a thing in our area and make that into a thriving business.

    • Thanks for sharing! Based on what I know of you so far, you’ll have no problem accomplishing that! Very cool that you got into the farmer’s market this year with your microgreens. I’m looking forward to seeing that grow and what it looks like next year!

  • Thank you so much for all of your hard work, Molly! This has been an amazing undertaking and has been so much fun!
    I’m older than many of you, I think. I’ll be 50 in March, so in 5 years I’d love to be much more self-contained maybe doing more hobby farm things and almost zero psychology things. Financially I don’t know what that would look like, but we’ll see what happens.
    I’m just entering the season of my life when my children are beginning their adulthood and I’m so pleased that we’re as close as we are. My true goal is to eventually (but goodord not too soon!) be the grandma that my future grandchildren can’t wait to visit and stay weekends or summer breaks. I also want to travel, raise my animals, grow some plants, and just vibe. Lol
    I’m so looking forward to seeing what everyone here does over time. ❤️

    • You are all very welcome! All of the sticker swappers is what makes this group and makes me want to do it. It’s been a lot of fun! I’m still not sure how much the website will catch on, since it’s not a quick thing like Instagram, but as I can continue to push some new things on there, it’ll maybe gain some traffic….and if not?…well, then, oh well! Haha.

      50? Ehhh, that’s not “too” old 😉 Jason will be 49 next month. Age is only a number!

      Where would you like to travel? Yes, that sounds lovely: travel, animals, plants, and just vibe. I think that sounds like a great life motto. I agree; I look forward to seeing what everyone here does over time, as well. An amazing group of people!

  • In 5 years I’m hoping that we have either purchased the property next to us to expand our microstead or we have purchased out 20+ acre farm in another state and are living there. The 1st is the likelier of the 2 scenarios which isn’t my preferred but better then nothing.

  • Well.. 5 years. I have a lot of plans and goals. Though I am known to think big.. So, let me speak the most realistic goals. To be living on our property full time, finished our temporary home and working on the dream home (towards the end of that 5 years).. within this time frame, I plan to have all of my fruit trees and bushes planted. My hens a laying. Couple of ducks a quacking. My bees a buzzing. My raised beds built and in use. And the pond thriving!

    When I look at where we are now.. it seems like so much.. like I’m not being realistic. But, honestly it’s the minimum that I need to have done by then.

    A shorter goal, within the next two-three Thanksgivings (after the one coming up), I want to be able to invite family to our land for a meal that includes some home grown items as well as a home raised Turkey! It will probably be the first time anyone visits, I know with all these homebodies… I have to plan something like this well in advance!

    • I think all of those sound like some attainable goals for sure! You already have the property and sometimes that is the hardest, longest process. I’m loving that pond on your property. It’s also tough since you aren’t near your property, so you can always go there whenever you want. But, eventually, you will be there and can start working towards all of the things you mention above! You have water and power nearby, so that’s also a huge plus! It’s a beautiful piece of property and I can’t wait to see you on this exciting journey as you build it out to be your dream homestead/farm! 🙂

  • First, Molly you are a rockstar and have done such an amazing job at getting the swap rolling and organizing all the great farm swap things!
    Second, wow, 5 years feels like both a long time and short time away! In 5 years for the farm I’d like to have registered kids on the ground bearing our ADGA name (3WX) as so far all of our kidding’s have been unregistered. I’d also love to have a few show wins to boot. Personally though, I am currently applying and interviewing for PA school so in 5 years the hope will be that I’ll be a practicing Physician Assistant 🙂 Big dreams!!

    • Thanks so much and you are very welcome! It’s been a lot of fun and all of the people we’ve been meeting along the way is what makes me want to do it. You’ve been doing a great job printing stickers for people and I get nothing but rave reviews back! Supporting small businesses and directing people your way has been so awesome and I get so excited to see your name pop up when they tag you. It’s always like an internal, “yay!” that I say to myself.

      Yes, I agree! 5 years sounds so long, but it’ll be here before we know it. Haha. That sounds great! Yes, I’m lovin’ seeing so many cute goats in my feed and slowly learning more about goats. We have thought about goats, but neither of us have had them, so we sometimes watch YouTube videos for our education. Haha.

      Physicians Assistant – I definitely think you’ll be practicing by then if that what your dream is. You seem very motivated, hard working, and I have no doubt that you will accomplish that!

      Thanks for being part of the swap and helping out the sticker swappers! 🙂 I also love seeing those one-off custom stickers you do for them! So cool!

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