Featured Farm Sticker Swap Member – @the.crazyb.homestead

Featured Farm Sticker Swap Member – @the.crazyb.homestead

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December 13, 2021

@the.crazyb.homestead Located in Washington, USA

The CrazyB Homestead started in May 2020. We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats, both registered and non registered. It is our hope that we will build a stronger Nigerian Dwarf community and breed. We aspire to be good stewards of the species and the breed and to assist anyone involved in the breed in any way possible.

In the spring of 2022, we will pasture raise chicken of various breeds in hopes of becoming the #1 rainbow egg seller in Lake Stevens, WA.

In addition to raising goats and chickens, we raise 5 wild humans, 3 dogs and love traveling both around the country and around the world.

We also sell our branded merchandise at www.thecrazybhomestead.com and your purchase helps support our homestead!

Instagram: @the.crazyb.homestead

Website: The Crazy B Homestead